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Services & Bookings:

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Zina Letrece, has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Recovery Advisor

Assisting client through the treatment experience. Monitoring clients' behavior, moods and adherence to program structure.​

* Mentor-ship + Sponsorship: Guide through life's challenges

*Restoring Relationships with children, partners, parents, and becoming employable

* Walking hand-in-hand: Reintegration with main stream society

Spiritual Advisor

As a mentor or as a friend, Zina Letrece will listen to your questions, concerns and situations and help to offer guidance utilizing discernment scriptures, references, God inspired messages, and religious principles from a spiritual perspective.

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Motivational Speaker

Zina Letrece, will pour into an audience something amazing with her transparent, real-life and powerful gifts as a speaker.  


Zina purpose is to motivate and inspire everyone in the room.  "Your Life Will Never Be The Same." 



Published Author :

Life in the Fast Lane: A journey back to myself. Published 2014


The story of how one girl navigated through life, family, drugs and self discovery to get to a place of wholeness in herself.

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